[transfer-api] Timeout waiting for response

Wensheng Deng wdeng at bnl.gov
Wed Feb 15 13:18:38 CST 2012

Hi Bryce and other experts,

I am testing the transfer api together with Maxim. My globus online 
username is 'wdeng'.

When the source is at NFS wdeng#BNL_ATLAS_1, the transfer succeeded, see 

When the source is at dCache wdeng#BNL_ATLAS_DCACHE, transfer stayed 
active forever and I had to cancel it, see

02/15/2012	12:04:33 PM	CONNECTION_RESET	The connection was 
reset	Error (transfer) Server: [Globus Connect] Message: The connection 
to the server was broken --- an end-of-file was reached globus_xio: An end 
of file occurred
02/15/2012	11:59:57 AM	TIMEOUT	An operation timed out	Error 
(transfer) Server: [Globus Connect] Command: STOR 
Message: The operation timed out --- Timeout waiting for response

What is the possible cause? Thanks very much.


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