[transfer-api] Example of globus-connect usage in the API

Bryce Allen ballen at ci.uchicago.edu
Mon Feb 6 17:44:02 CST 2012

I'm not sure what you mean by "operating an endpoint". You can create
an endpoint record for an existing GridFTP server like this:

  api.endpoint_create("myendpointname", hostname="gridftp.example.org")

To create a globusconnect endpoint, just pass is_globus_connect=True
instead of a hostname:

  _, _, result = api.endpoint_create("mygcendpoint",
  print "GC setup key: ", result["globus_connect_setup_key"]

Offhand I'm not sure how this varies for GCMU - let me know if you need
a GCMU example.

The Python API is a pretty thin wrapper of the raw API, so these docs
can be instructive, especially the result examples:


On Mon, 06 Feb 2012 18:27:21 -0500
Maxim Potekhin <potekhin at bnl.gov> wrote:
> Hello Bryce,
> do you have a working example of operating an endpoint on
> globus-online? I understand that the service gives you a token to
> use. We did this with gsissh
> before, but now I need to migrate the code to API.
> Regards,
> Maxim
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